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Canary Consulting has been set up to help businesses in the real estate sector increase their reach and engagement on Instagram.  Ultimately this will feed through into more leads being generated and into their bottom line.


Instagram is the ultimate visual social media platform, so it's perfect for real estate. 


Residential developers, architects, interior designers, contractors and estate  agents etc are all ideal clients.  However the fundamentals of how to succeed on Instagram can be applied to multiple industries.

If you want to know more, send a DM on Instagram @canaryhomes or if you're ready to book a consulting call you can use the calendly link below. DM me for rates.


Complete the form below to be sent our free Instagram hashtags planner.


Client Testimonials 


'Thank you so much for your impeccable work...I wasn't expecting such a systematic, professional analysis of my humble page' 

'I appreciate the detailed analysis of my business page'

'You broke down each segment nicely and wasn't too wordy either. I gained valuable information!'  


'Thanks Barry, there was great value for me with you looking into this. Really interesting stuff.'


'This is great feedback and exactly what I was looking for.' 

Barry Rea, Director

Canary Consulting

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